Friday, October 24, 2008

What is a creative advertising

What is a creative advertising

With China's sustained and rapid economic growth, the expansion of market competition, escalating competition, companies have begun to enter the war "unwise" war period, the ads from the previous so-called "media war" and "World War II into the" rose to creative advertising competition, " Creative "China's advertising industry has become the most popular word used. "Creative" in English that "creative", it is meant to create, create, cause. "Creative" is understood literally, "to create the image of Italy", from the excavation of this level, the ad is in the range of creative advertising planning and production of advertising performance between the idea of artistic activities. That is, under the theme of the ads, carefully thinking and planning, the use of art tools available to the creative combination of materials to create an image. In short, that is, the theme of the advertising imagery of ideas.

In order to better understand the "creative", it is necessary to ideas, images, image, do you explain the mood.

"Ideas" refers to the idea and the idea of artistic creation, the idea is to work to express ideas and viewpoints, is the core content of the works. In the advertising and creative design ideas that the theme of the ad, which refers to the ads in order to achieve a particular purpose to explain the concept. It is invisible, the concept of things, we must use a certain tangible things can be expressed. Any artistic activities must have two elements: First, the objective thing in itself, is the object of artistic expression; Second, the performance of the image of objective things, it is a means of artistic expression. And the two organically linked to the activities of the idea is innovative. In the course of artistic expression, the choice of image is very important, because it is the transmission of objective information on the symbols of things. On the one hand, compared to reflect the performance was the essential character of things, on the other hand, the public must be able to understand and accept. At the same time, the image of novelty was also important. Creative advertising campaign, creators have tried to find the appropriate image of the arts to express the theme of the ad ideas to choose the image of the arts, if unsuccessful, will not be able to convey the idea through to stimulate regrets and persuasion into consumers.

In line with the thinking of the creators of the ads can be used to the performance characteristics of the goods and services of an objective image, used in its non-performance of a particular form of representation when called. The general appearance of ads should be more familiar with the audience, but the best is in real life has been defined in general, be able to arouse a common objective of the association's image.

In people's minds the idea after the formation of the creators feelings, emotional experience and understanding of the role of infiltration into the subjective feelings and emotions of certain means, after a certain line of thinking, exaggerated, condensed, distorted and deformed, they formed into images. Once the image into the image they have specific and subjective meaning of the color image of objective things and creators of ideas, and reflect the extent is different, can lead to its audience the feeling of images is also different. Using images reflect the objective of the things is the degree of style and mood. Images can also reach the state. Artistic works of art is a measure of the quality of command.


Lewis N. Clark said...

Thanks for these. Now if I can just master color changing and chart reading, I'll be set! logo design

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